Completed Grab Bar 4 Life Installations

Unlike our competitors, Grab Bars 4 Life is proud to show real homes with real applications of our products. I would personally like to thank all of our customers that made this possible. I’m proud that our customers have helped create the environment that bath safety is a wonderful remedy to the risk of falling.

At Grab Bars 4 Life we carry a variety of choices to make your bathroom safe and sound. However our customers have voiced their opinions that aesthetics can be as important as function. You will notice that our stainless steel, nickel satin finish is not only our most economical option but can also work with a variety of decors. If stainless just doesn’t work with your decor or taste we offer other options. So please go through our gallery to see how Grab Bars 4 Life products (Bars, Hand Held Showers, Bath Chairs & Toilet Frame/Risers with and without arms) can give you Style and Security.

We can even securely mount where there are pocket doors!

We can securely mount even when there is a pocket door present.
Small tile, no cracking, no chipping, no problem!
Mosaic Mount not a problem for Grab Bars 4 Life.

Mosaic mount no problem for Grab Bars 4 Life.
We removed curb, floated floor, added bars and hand held created a totally accessible shower.

Removed the curb, floated and re-tiled floor, added bars and showerhead. Created a totally accessible shower.