Stay Strong & Grab Life By the Bars!

Proudly serving South Florida with over 15 years of experience as a Durable Medical Equipment Specialist and safety bar installer. Grab Bars 4 life is your one stop shop for updating your homes bathroom to establish a safe environment for your personal hygiene needs. Grab Bars 4 Life will conduct a FREE in home evaluation then based on your needs, preference and budget, Grab Bars 4 Life will recommend time tested products for the job. Installations can be performed during our initial visit if requested.

Grab Bars 4 Life is the preferred installer for many of south Florida’s Hospitals, Rehab centers, Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists and Caregivers thanks in part to our stellar reputation as a provider that installs the necessary and not the needless based on patient requirements and not “our bottom line”.

Combining grab bars with our line of bath chairs, benches and our “caregiver approved” line of hand held showers you’ve just created what AARP refers to as the “safest way to shower”.

Installations include standard, designer and custom grab bars of all sizes and finishes that fit all budgets made right here in the USA and thanks to our versatile mounting systems, our bars can be mounted to just about any surface where there is a risk of falling because falls don’t just happen in the bathroom.

Grab Bars 4 Life also carries a line of toilet seat risers and safety frames with a model that combines both features. These products will add extra security, height and ease of clean to a toilet without compromising comfort and aesthetics, saving our customers the costly expense of replacing their existing toilet with a handicap height toilet that still doesn’t have a frame for that added protection against falling.

All of the work that Grab Bars 4 Life does is guaranteed for 1 year and our grab bars and hand held shower heads come with a lifetime guarantee. Simply stated, anything inside of 1 year that may occur to your bar’s finish or hand held shower’s function, equals zero cost to our customers. Anything outside of 1 year means zero cost for materials with just a small charge for labor. Furthermore Grab Bars 4 Life believes so strongly in our bars that if you sell your home our guarantee is absolutely transferable.

Grab Bars 4 Life believes the only products and services you’ll ever pay for are the ones we’ve yet to provide.

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Stay Strong America! Grab Life by the Bars!



Grab Bars 4 Life is a

DME specialist licensed installer,

ACHP member, and fully insured.